'Pinnacle'--AMHA/AMHR 2009 Silver Dapple Pinto Stallion


Wow! As a weanling, this horse stood Grand Champion twice. At his first show of 2010 in Sioux Falls, he stood Grand, and Champion of Champions in the AMHR show, and in the AMHA show he was the Supreme Champion. At the present time in the AMHR Hall of Fame points, he has 12 Grands and 111 points as a yearling!! He was shown at the Winona AMHA show - and took 3 Firsts, 3 Grands and 3 Supremes. Under the last 14 judges, he has 12 Grands and 2 Reserve Grands. He capped off the 2010 show season by being named AMHR 2010 NATIONAL CHAMPION Yearling Stallion Over 30" to 32"!  Pinnacle had been co-owned with Virgil Wiltz of Hiawatha, KS--has been SOLD with plans for him to go in to cart training. 

                                                                                ----Boones Little Buckeroo

                                                                                         Buckskin – 30.5”

                                                        ----Little Kings Buck On Broadway--Black – 34”

                                                                              ----Johnstons Little Bo Cream

                                                                                         Palomino – 28”

                                ----Lilliput Acres Show Me The Bucks
                                     Black - 33.5"

                                                                               ----Toyland Dandy Man

                                                                                         Chestnut Pinto – 32”

----Lilliput Acres H P Little Missy-- Black – 33.25”

                                                                               ----H P Peyton’s Snipper – 35.5”



                                                                               ----Soats Little Chief Toy Ya

                                                                                         Black Pinto – 30”

---- Little Hoof Prints Painted Prince
      Black Pinto - 33.5"


----Lilliput Acres H P Toy Button--Brown Pinto - 32.25"a

----Toyland Dandy Man

                                                                                         Chestnut Pinto – 32”

                                                        ---- H.P. Toy Pebbles
                                                              Grey Pinto - 32.0"

                                                                               ----Winks New Dawn

                                                                                          Black Pinto – 37.5”





''Waylon'--AMPH/ASPC--2008 Black Stallion


WA-FULL UNIQUE WAYLON is co-owned by Little Kings Farm and Paige Mehlhope.  Per the Little Kings website, 'he's a proven producer of champion halter champions in the AMHR and ASPC.  He is the sire Little Kings Waylon All Tuned Up--see 2019 Foals page.  This beauty if FOR SALE  on the Little King Farm website...






'Rock the Dice'--38" Black Pinto Stallion

AMHR/ASPC--FOR SALE on Little King Farm website--see Client Horses for Sale.



Sire:  B&Ls Rock E The Navigator

Dam: Wa-Full Bennies Dolly


Congress champion and Hall of Fame stallion!


John Willeford 712-450-2135
Lyle Wallin 712-845-2392
Deklan Willeford 712-450-0410


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