Established in the Fall of 2004, Little Cedar Miniatures began as a single colt named Jake purchased by John and Tricia Willeford at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa.   Then, in October, the I-90 Expo sale led to three mares coming to the farm.  Two were bred for 2005 foals.   Tricia found out from her Mom, Barb; that her Dad, Lyle Wallin had once been interested in miniature horses; and one of the three new mares was purchased by Lyle.   John and Lyle came up with the farm name, Little Cedar Miniatures because of a nearby creek.

In the Spring of 2005, the first two foals arrived, a colt and a filly.  John & Tricia then ended up purchasing a two year old buckskin show mare and a buckskin stallion from their friends, Ed & Jan Hedberg of EJH Miniatures in nearby Newell, Iowa; whom they thank for lots of good advice regarding miniature horses.  Then, trips to the 2006 I-90 Expo sale, Lilliput Acres farm in Minnesota, and Indian Peaks Miniatures, as well as the Little King Heritage sale, led to six other miniature horse purchases.  After considering building a new horse building, an older 108' X 36' insulated hog building was moved from Barb &Lyle's place, 1/2 mile across a field, to Tricia & John's place and was transformed in to a nice horse building.

Little Cedar Miniatures farm is located in Northwest Iowa and all horses are AMHR registered--and some are AMHA eligible.


John Willeford 712-450-2135
Lyle Wallin 712-845-2392
Deklan Willeford 712-450-0410


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